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Reference #: KB 00012
Author: AmandaP
Created: 11.7.11
Last Revised: 11.7.11

Troubleshooting Google Sync Setup



If you are experiencing issues with Google sync after enabling this feature, please refer to the steps below to ensure everything is set up correctly. If you're still experiencing issues or errors after reviewing the steps below, please contact technical support for assistance.


Google Sync is only available for users in Spectra. A user is anyone that can be selected as the photographer, the assistant, or can have an appointment assigned to them. A list of available users that can set up Google sync can be found in Maintenance > Users and Security. Resources such as locations or rooms do not have the ability to sync with Google.

» Each user must sync to a different Gmail account.
» In Spectra, under Maintenance > Preferences > User Preferences > Google tab, verify the following:
  • Google Sync Enabled box is checked.
  • User name has an "" address.
  • Password is filled out.
  • Populate buttons are checked to get older appointments to sync over. (These boxes will automatically uncheck after all previous appointments are synced over.)
  • Check Send New, Modified, and Deleted Google Appointments to Spectra if you want a two-way sync.
  • Check Download Tentative, Non-Confirmed Appointments if you have an Android or HTC phone, or if the Google account you are syncing to is not the primary account on the phone.
  • Check Send New and Modified Google Contacts into Spectra. (Optional)
  • Client Group is filled in with an existing group, or create a new group specified for your Google sync from the client group maintenance screen found under Maintenance > Client > Client Groups. (Optional)
  • Check Email Warnings and Errors to Me. (Required)
  • Fill in Email Address for sync logs to get sent to. (Strongly recommended to help troubleshoot any issues you may come across.)
  • Check Email Detailed Sync Logs to Me. (Optional, but very helpful when the sync process is first started. After a few days of syncing, feel free to uncheck this option)
» Verify the Maintenance > Preferences > Workstation Preferences > Email tab is set up.
» Then go to Maintenance > Preferences > Studio Preferences > Miscellaneous tab.
  • By default the sync interval is set to 10 minutes. You can modify this time based on your preference for how often you would like the sync to occur.
  • You can also specify the workstation you would like the sync routine to run on. By default this is set to Any Available Workstation. If you experience calendar load delays, switch this setting to one of the least used computers in your studio. Spectra needs to be open on whichever computer you've selected here. NOTE: Sync logs will only be sent out on the computers that have email set up in Workstation Preferences.

Set up your phone to sync with Google. Consult your mobile phone provider for assistance or check the owner's manual for your phone for more information.   


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