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You got InSpired! Now learn how to harness all that energy to sell more photos to more people in less time!

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+ Training Video: Setting Up InSpiredByYou

+ Training Video: Using InSpiredByYou - Session Basics
+ Training Video: Using InSpiredByYou - Orders
+ Training Video: Using InSpiredByYou - Videos
+ Training Video: Using InSpiredByYou - Albums
+ Training Video: Using InSpiredByYou - Yearbook Selections

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+ What's New in InSpiredByYou?

+ Getting Started with InSpiredByYou

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+ Upgrading to InSpiredByYou from MyStudioPlus

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Everything you need to succeed is now in the cloud. Learn how to lasso that cumulus to your best benefit.

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+ myStratus Online Booking
+ myStratus Walk-Through
+ Navigating myStratus
+ Using the myStratus Mobile App
+ Setting up Online Booking
+ Client Referral Programs Introduction
+ Web Forms Introduction
+ Importing Clients into myStratus
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