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We may not always be available to talk when you need support – say, for example, some morning at 3am when you're trying to figure out how to integrate QuickBooks.

That's why we've organized our "top issues" and made this section of our site searchable. Most of the issues you have can be resolved by reading through the top issues or by searching this support section. If you are unable to find information that helps you, then give us a shout and we'll be glad to help.

How to Get Support


Read through our "Top Issues by Product" list below and check out anything that relates to the problem or issue you're having.


Type your issue into the Search field below.


If you are unable to find any information that helps you, visit one of our Contact pages below.


Top Issues by Product

StudioPlus myStratus

+ Guide: Getting Started Checklist
+ Article: What is a Client Referral Program?
+ Article: Troubleshooting the Mobile App
+ Article: Setting up Online Booking
+ Article: Introduction to Web Forms
+ Release Notes: myStratus 2019 Volume 1 - NEW!
+ Release Notes: myStratus 2018 Volume 1
+ Release Notes: myStratus 2017 Volume 1
+ myStratus Online Help (Web app)
+ myStratus Desktop/Spectra Online Help (Desktop app)
+ Stratus Training Videos

StudioPlus Spectra

+ Article: The Control Center
+ Article: Credit Card Processing Overview
+ Article: Troubleshooting DataSafe Setup
+ Article: Troubleshooting Google Sync Setup
+ Release Notes: Spectra 2019 Volume 1 - NEW!
+ Release Notes: Spectra 2018 Volume 1
+ Release Notes: Spectra 2017 Volume 1
+ Release Notes: Spectra 2016 Volume 2
+ Release Notes: Spectra 2015 Volume 2

StudioPlus InSpiredByYou

+ Article: Upgrading to InSpiredByYou from MyStudioPlus
+ Video: Setting Up InSpiredByYou

Contact Us

Customer Service
For more information on the following:
» Upgrading to a different version of Spectra or myStratus (i.e., Express to Standard)
» Upgrading from PhotoOne to StudioPlus Spectra or myStratus
» Processing credit cards
» A recent charge to your credit card by StudioPlus
» Updating your account, maintenance plan, or subscription

Technical Support
For more information on the following:
» An error message you're receiving
» A problem you're experiencing with a software product