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December 27, 2005

StudioPlus Software Announces Version 6.0 Revolutionary Studio Software

StudioPlus Software LLC, the industry leader in management solutions for professional photographers, announces the release of a new digital workflow plus business management software, StudioPlus Version 6.0. With Version 6.0 StudioPlus eliminates the distinction between business and digital workflow software, giving professional photographers the single software solution and workplace edge they've been asking for since the digital revolution began.

From the beginning, StudioPlus has constructed its software based on the needs of the professional photographer. In response to new industry challenges, StudioPlus has re-engineered the award-winning software from the ground up, giving it a sharp new look and sleek feel, along with exciting additional enhancements and features. An innovative Home Page gives each studio employee a customized snapshot of their work day, including schedules, to-dos, phone calls, performance charts-even the day's weather forecast. An enhanced calendar helps make scheduling easier and more advanced, with new recurring appointments, and daily, weekly, and monthly views.

Since the transition to digital, studios have been asking for a software package capable of tracking and managing their images, sales presentations, orders, and able to flow into a complete business software for invoicing, customer tracking, and scheduling. With the release of StudioPlus Version 6.0, professional photographers now have their answer.

"We're very excited about StudioPlus Version 6.0. It's a direct result of our commitment to continually push the envelope and provide innovative solutions that change the way the professional photo industry operates," comments Matthew Hunt, President of StudioPlus Software. "StudioPlus 6.0 is a huge technological leap ahead for our customers, one that will help them become more efficient and profitable."

Pricing and Availability

StudioPlus Version 6.0 will be shipping in January, 2006. StudioPlus is available in three versions-StudioPlus Lite, Professional and Enterprise. StudioPlus Lite retails at $395 and Professional at $1,495. The Enterprise Version is designed for studios, chains, and franchises that require tight data integration with a Corporate Office.

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