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January 1, 2008

StudioPlus Software Announces 10 Year Anniversary, 1998-2008

StudioPlus Software, LLC announces the 10 year anniversary of its flag-ship product - StudioPlus Professional. StudioPlus Professional was first released in January of 1998 as Version 1.0.

Since its inception, the company has met the challenge of making StudioPlus the solution for studios of all sizes by developing multiple versions, including Lite, OnLocation, and Enterprise, but StudioPlus Professional continues to be the core product, as well as the most popular.

"We've seen tremendous changes in 10 years," comments Matthew Hunt, President of StudioPlus Software. "The industry is radically different, the technological needs of photographers have changed, and I'm proud of the commitment we've made at StudioPlus to embrace those changes. StudioPlus has become the foundation for thousands of successful digital studios."

"Our customers appreciate the fact that we have consistently responded to their needs over the years, even as those needs have changed," says Doug Keillor, Director of Sales and Marketing. "And they appreciate talking to the same people year after year, and seeing the familiar faces at the conventions and trade shows."

StudioPlus Software has remained privately held, under the same ownership from the beginning. Even most of the core software development team remains the same. "That kind of stability is rare within this industry," notes Doug Keillor.

StudioPlus has always strived to be the industry leader when it comes to innovation with studio management and digital workflow solutions. As a result, StudioPlus has been recognized by trade publications and industry partners as the leading studio management and digital workflow software, winning numerous innovation awards over the years.

"We have big plans for the future," says Matthew Hunt. "We've never been satisfied with the status quo. Our customers can expect to continue to see dramatic improvements over the next 10 years!"

Pricing and Availability
StudioPlus Version 2007 is now shipping the StudioPlus full line of software products, Lite, Professional, Enterprise, and OnLocation. StudioPlus Lite retails starting at $795 and Professional at $1,695. The Enterprise Version is designed for studios, chains, and franchises that require tight data integration with a Corporate Office. The OnLocation Version is an add-on product designed for studios that do on-location and event photography.

About StudioPlus Software
StudioPlus software has been developing quality, award-winning software solutions for the professional photographic industry since 1997. For additional information about StudioPlus Software, visit StudioPlus at or call 888.862.4868.

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