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Imaging USA, Nashville, TN - JANUARY 10, 2010

StudioPlus Software, LLC Announces Partnership with

StudioPlus Software LLC, a leader in studio management software, announces their partnership with is a social media company developed specifically for portrait studios as a means to acquire and retain clients while integrating with all the major social networking sites.  This partnership will expand the tools Studio Plus is able to provide to studios, while creating the strength of a national network of licensed studios.

Matthew Hunt, StudioPlus’s founder and president stated:  “The portrait industry is having its challenges today.  Digital photography has increased the product offerings and creativity of photographers, but at the same time has made the industry much more competitive.  We are excited to be working with to offer our partner studios a client retention tool that we believe will not only bring new customers to a studio, but increase the frequency of return visits a customer makes to that studio.  StudioPlus customers work hard to get their clients, we are delighted to offer a tool that we believe will help them to keep those clients.”

Bob Eveleth, president and an industry veteran with over twenty years experience in the portrait industry added:  “ was developed as a way for ‘brick and mortar’ studios to profit from the social networking revolution by increasing return rates to studios, and increasing exposure of studios on all the popular social networking sites.  We are excited to be working with the leader in studio management software to expand our reach into studios nationwide.”

About StudioPlus Software:

StudioPlus software has been developing quality, award-winning, software solutions for the Professional Photographic Industry since 1997. StudioPlus’s software integrates point-of-sale, proofing, editing, marketing, and management tools into one software solution for the studio.  StudioPlus’s mission is to be a complete digital solution provider for the portrait industry, to include tools for client acquisition, marketing, retention, and financial reporting. For additional information about StudioPlus Software, visit StudioPlus at or call 888.862.4868.

About is a studio client retention tool designed to help individual portrait studios capitalize on the social networking revolution. provides studio customers with family websites that allow them to hold all their family memories, from studio portraits, to birthday photos, to videos of loved ones.  Launched at a handful of test studios in four states in 2009, currently has over 22,000 registered users. 

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