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Cambridge, MN - January 01, 2012

StudioPlus Software, LLC Announces New Version – StudioPlus Spectra 2012

In an ever-changing technological world, it is important to stay ahead of the curve. StudioPlus Software has once again re-invented its flagship product, StudioPlus Spectra (formerly called StudioPlus), giving the award-winning software a fresh new look with great new features. StudioPlus is dedicated to constant innovation, and Spectra 2012 is another big milestone along that road – a road started by StudioPlus founder Matthew Hunt in 1997. Fifteen years later, StudioPlus Software is still breaking new ground with features that redefine the way photographers do business.

With the launch of Spectra 2012, customers will now have powerful SMS text messaging tools at their disposal. SMS text messages can be sent individually to clients, in bulk to a group of clients, or via automated triggers within the system. SMS texting is a powerful marketing feature that gives photographers who use StudioPlus Spectra a competitive advantage.

The emailing abilities of Spectra 2012 have also been enhanced with the addition of incoming email tracking and automated email signatures. With the addition of SMS texting and enhanced email features, StudioPlus Spectra has become a robust communication tool, enhancing the client/photographer relationship like never before.

The To-Do tracking features of Spectra have also been significantly enhanced and renamed as “Tasks.” With enhanced task tracking, studios will definitely increase efficiencies and ensure that nothing is falling through the cracks in their day-to-day operations. Spectra 2012 Volume 1 is a significant upgrade from StudioPlus 2011, with many additional enhancements. For a detailed list of the product improvements, visit

Pricing and Availability
StudioPlus Spectra 2012 is available January 2012. The Spectra Express single user edition is free, Standard is $995, and Professional is $1,695. For a complete list of pricing and product features, visit

About StudioPlus Software
StudioPlus Software has been developing quality, award-winning, software solutions for the professional photographic industry since 1997. For additional information about StudioPlus Software, visit StudioPlus at or call 888.862.4868.

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