All-in-One Solution

Silver Bullets ‘R’ Us!

Tired of purchasing multiple applications? What if all the software you needed came in one package at a much lower cost? myStratus lets photo businesses put everything, in one place, with an all-in-one solution that lets you manage better. This provides the centralization of information that connects the dots of your business to join it up, end-to-end, forming a virtuous circle.

Centralizes Management

Imagine sales instantly answering order queries? OR… calling up real time data, such as eCommerce orders, client photoshoot bookings and online payments? OR… seeing management information on-demand? Manage the workflow – the process steps needed to satisfy every client order – from first contact through to fulfilment. Once an order is completed, the system is marketing, driving demand for the next order the client places, completing your workflow, connecting the circle!

Centralized Photography Studio Management

Saves Money

Did we mention cost savings? Think about all the software you use in your business. How much do you spend on each app? We ran some numbers on what you can save from just eliminating the cost of extra software.

  • Sales Presentation Software ~ $49/Month
  • Client Management Software ~ $45/Month
  • Scheduling Software ~ $50/Month
  • E-Commerce Service ~ $30/Month
  • Email Marketing Service ~ $24/Month
  • Digital Workflow Software ~ $116/Month
  • Time Clock/Employee Tracking Software ~ $25/Month
  • Reporting Software ~ $10/Month
  • School/Yearbook Software ~ $30/Month

That adds up to at least $379 a month!! (And we were being conservative!) Compare that dollar amount to a myStratus Professional Plan for just $69.95 a month!

Saves Time

With over 22 years of constant product development, we have built the most robust system to date. Constant innovation is how we stay ahead of our competition. We help automate every part of your workflow. Because every step is in myStratus, we can automate more than other software – saving you precious time.

Watch this video to see what your digital workflow could look like! Spoiler – the whole workflow takes 20 clicks. Yes, the entire digital workflow, including eCommerce!

Photography Software Saves Time

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