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We are driven by one relentless pursuit: Helping each one of our customers build a SUCCESSFUL business. It is our goal to serve our customers with excellence, and to treat them with the same diligence, courtesy, and respect that we desire ourselves. We look forward to building a lifelong PARTNERSHIP focused on your success.

When you sign up for myStratus, you make myStratus the most essential part of your business. We take that decision seriously. That’s why we will walk alongside you and your business to help you be as successful as possible. Our mission is to help our clients build a successful business.


We know how hard learning a new software can be – especially one as all-encompassing as myStratus. For that reason, we offer hours of free training videos for your staff. In addition, all clients also get multiple one-on-one consulting sessions with our experienced coaches!

Photography Software Training


We do not claim our software to be bug free. Occasionally, software problems may result from constant innovation. Issues will arise from time to time. But when it happens, we have your back. myStratus enrollment entitles you to free support! Our tech support specialists are based out of the United States and can be reached by phone, email, or chat!

Family Owned

Not only are we a family owned business, but we started this company 22 years ago. We understand your fears and concerns because we’ve gone through many of the same issues ourselves! In our 22 years of business ownership, we have witnessed both challenges and rapid growth. Let us help you incorporate our software into your business. We’d make a great team!


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