Automate and save time

What would an all-in-one solution be without a complete digital workflow built right in? Import your images from a memory card, copy the hi-res images, auto create JPEG previews, auto crop, auto rotate, auto tag, and auto apply image enhancements, all with a single-click – now that is the time-saving automation power that myStratus brings!


Using Adobe Photoshop® or Lightroom®? No problem! We have an integration to allow you to edit directly in those applications and have the changes come over to myStratus.

Professional presentation

Use the built-in sales presentation tool to present your images to your client, on-screen or on-the-wall. Build custom composite templates and greeting cards. Select the images your client wishes to purchase and myStratus will auto create an invoice, calculate discounts, shipping, and tax.

Flexible fulfillment

Once a client places an order, track your production progress or even render the images through myStratus. Did we mention you can have the images automatically delivered electronically? If you are not delivering electronically, you can even print images directly from myStratus too! And do not forget the direct integration with InspiredByYou.com, our eCommerce platform for selling images and products online.

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