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myStratus Products:

myStratus Schools

$ 49
  • All core myStratus CRM features
  • Database set up for tracking relationships with schools, sports teams, and businesses

myStratus Photographer

$ 74
  • All core myStratus CRM features
  • All Digital Workflow features
  • Database set up for tracking students, families, and individuals

myStratus Enterprise

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  • Need More than one location or 30 Users?
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*User License: A user license is how many people may be logged into the software at a time.

Questions? Call us at 888-862-4868 to speak with a Sales Representative.

You will be up and running with the software in 2 weeks. If you fill out our starter worksheet, your database will be set up for you within 2 weeks. If not, we’ll give you $50 to buy as much fresh fish as you want. Or other, more exciting things!

Seven days to claim guarantee after initial 2 weeks.

Click here to learn more about our “Free Fish” Guarantee.

If after 3 months, you’re still not convinced we’re perfect for each other (and you’ve completed our training checklist), we’ll give you your money back. 

Beyond the initial 3 months, you can cancel anytime – There’s no contract or hidden fees. 

Click here to learn more about our “PB & J” Guarantee.

We utilize the highest quality cloud servers to keep your data online at all times, but occasionally things happen that are beyond our control!

Server outages are very rare and are often resolved quickly. So if you are locked out of your data for more than 48 consecutive hours due to a server outage on our end, we’ll credit your account $50 to help make up for lost time.  

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